Polymer Clay Carnival

Goodie box

Goodie box

Perth, what a lucky city you are! Last weekend, August 16-18 the city of Fremantle hosted the first Polymer Clay Carnival to be held in Australia at the iconic Esplanade Hotel. The three-day carnival housed international artists who bestowed their creative ideas and shared valuable skills through a series of half-day and full-day workshops. The group of teaching Artists included;

-          Christi Friesen is an imaginative artist and author whose charisma will get you inspired to make the most creative of pieces; she teaches her passion internationally;

-          Fabi Perez Ajates from Spain whose love for polymer has led to a passionate career in creating and teaching her many techniques world-wide;

-          Pavla Cepelikova from the Czech Republic who is that inspirational artist who followed her heart later in life to live her dreams of being a full-time creator. I think we can all learn a lesson from her

-          Lucy Struncova from the Czech Republic is an international polymer superstar, artist, organiser and business owner – what an inspiration!

-          Iris Mishy is an internationally acclaimed media polymer clay artist from Israel. Iris is a guru of this medium as she uses her knowledge of design and education to explore, research, experiment, write and teach all her findings to do with this amazing product.

-          And, Western Australia’s very own internationally known Debbie Crothers from Geraldton, Pam Annesley an expert in silver metal clay and inspiration to the Perth Trycan community of polymer clay lovers. Her wisdom and guidance has inspired many in this tight knit community.


All of these wonderful artists have a range of tutorials and expert advice online. View their social media pages and you will be blown away with the amazing creativity that is possible with this remarkable product.

work in progress

work in progress

I attended this event on the Sunday and was warmly welcomed by the whole carnival; all the attendees and organisers being local rural, interstate and international were just the kindest of individuals.  I was provided with a gift box, with a range of samples from the many sponsors of this event. Opening-up a box like this was like Christmas with so many packets and colours; as this was my first polymer clay workshop, I didn’t know what a lot of it was but I was guided into using some of the products during the day. Being the “newbie” and the late comer to the event, I did feel a little bit out of my depth as most attendees knew the product well and have used it regularly. However, their wisdom was kindly shared every step of the way as I fumbled through the many polymer clay techniques to create a mixed media purse/ bag under Iris Mishy’s guidance. I can say that I did complete my project and I’m so proud of my accomplishments. Not bad for a day of learning!


The carnival included evening events involving social catch-ups, food tours and provided opportunities for visitors to go on sightseeing adventures around the lovely west coast. The conference concluded with a prize draw of some wonderful products and farewell gifts. I was most fortunate to have my name pulled out from the jar which has provided me with some wonderful products to continue learning and experimenting with.

As an arts teacher, I am always learning new ways of teaching, experimenting with various products and strengthening my skills and techniques to continue to guide and inspire my students. I hope to engage with these talented practitioners again and learn more under their guidance.


Congratulations to the organisers of this inaugural event, especially 2wards polymer clay. I look forward to next year’s carnival which I know will be even bigger and better.


I will be ready to post the dates as soon as they are available.


If you would like more details about these events or polymer clay



My first polymer clay project - Lisa Hakkinen

My first polymer clay project - Lisa Hakkinen

Lisa Hakkinen