Run your own music production company in class

Create ‘Real Life’ music industry experiences in the community

O.L.E. rapping at Mirrabooka Harmony Day Festival 2019

O.L.E. rapping at Mirrabooka Harmony Day Festival 2019

Only. Love. Exists.  (O.L.E.) – Music Business Enterprise Class

In 2013, our inspiring principal at the time (has since retired) was a visionary who saw the need for matched passions (e.g: Music, Art, gardening, Drama, D & T etc.) with business enterprise. He saw the need for students to engage in learning that was meaningful and dear to their hearts. Hence, the creation of the original music business enterprise named T.W.A.O – Together We Are One was born. The following year in 2014, we wrote an original song called ‘Ole Ole’ and then our business named changed to ‘Only. Love. Exists. - ‘O.L.E.’ which still runs to this day.

We have created a pathway which links our Year 9-10 (O.L.E. music business students) with our Year 11-12 music students who are completing their Certificate II/III in Music Industry (national VET music course). Here is the link to our RTO (Registered Training Organisation) They are super supportive, friendly and knowledgeable for helping you establish courses within your school

This model allows the Year 11 & 12’s to continue to do their VET music course whilst still being part of the OLE Music Business Enterprise. This creates ‘Real Life’ music industry experiences in the community, creates income for the OLE Music Business Enterprise as well as being able to complete their VET music course all at the same time.

The services that OLE offers at this stage are as follows:

·       Live Performances - from Acoustic solo acts right through to 50+ full stage production with 40 African djembes, dancers, lead and backing vocalists, rappers & live bands;

·       Full PA Stage Production – recently we’ve had sufficient PA equipment and students with enough experience to put set-up, operate and pack-up a mid-sized PA system (up to 1000 people);

·       Jingles – for radio or websites;

·       Mobile recording and Silent Discos – NOW AVAILABLE! We also recently got our 100x Silent Disco headphones with 3x DJ capability. 

O.L.E @ The Osborne Park Show 2018

O.L.E @ The Osborne Park Show 2018

To create, run and maintain such a unique programme, the support from the community through our sponsors and affiliates to run this course has been outstanding. Don’t ever be afraid to ask your community to support your programs. Their support has then in turn been supported by the OLE Music Business Enterprise. To these sponsors I’d like to say “Thank you”.

Xceed Realty -


Mediserve Nursing Agency  -

PerthHappenings -

Uptempo Design –

City of Stirling –

Wadjak Northside Aboriginal Community Group -

MMRC – Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre -


If you are interested in the services provided by O.L.E. please contact Nikola.


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O.L.E @ Mirrabooka Harmony Day Festival 2018

O.L.E @ Mirrabooka Harmony Day Festival 2018


Nikola Culum is a passionate, dedicated and revolutionary music teacher in Perth, Western Australia. He has been nominated for Western Australia’s Teacher of the Year 2016 for his ambitious and outstanding teaching practices and accomplishments with High School students in a low socio-economic government school located within the metropolitan area of the city, with roughly 600+ students from over 50 different nationalities including the local indigenous aborigines (Wadjak – Noongar). His underlying philosophy with his teaching is to create a sense of positivity and unity through sharing the creation, performing and appreciation of music.