The Role of an Arts Integration Specialist

Any school that invests interest and wishes to promote positive change with developing students 21st century skills and providing opportunities for in-depth, relevant learning experiences, requires an Arts Integration Specialist. As a society as we are moving from an individual ‘I’ society to the ideals behind Arts integration of a ‘we’ or ‘us’ philosophy. Arts integration believes that collaboration is truly the best way to harness the strength of teachers, administrators, community members and other interested parties to provide the best learning opportunities to students.


The role of an Arts Integration Specialist


The specific role of an Arts Integration Specialist is to be an In-service leader working with the vision of the school administrators to support the connectivity of The Arts with other subject areas. The AI Specialist provides assistance in:

  • the understanding of Arts Integration;

  • provides coaching opportunities to colleges on the preparation, development, running and assessment of ‘A.I lessons and extended programs;

  • provides mentoring on specific Arts Integrated teaching techniques and general “how to” advice on anything A.I based;

  • Guides and seeks to creatively find links through curriculum mapping and assists in linking strands and content areas;

  • Seeks, collects maintains and analysis data of AI projects or programs;

  • Provides collective and individual feedback.


The AI specialist is an integral member of the school community and is seen as ‘glue’ with their sense of collaboration and ability to work with a wide range of invested parties in the wider school community. The connections these individuals make through their understanding of the whole curriculum, linked standards and ability to creatively problem solve makes them a vital collaborator in the school environment.


Do You have an Integrated Arts Specialist in your school?

Do you integrate the Arts in your school? How do you do it? We would love to hear about your experiences. Please share your experiences.