AWESOME International Arts Festival


The AWESOME international Arts Festival for Bright Young Things has been running over two weeks during the September/October for the last 17 years in the Perth Cultural Centre. The festival celebrates all art forms and aims to educate, engage, entertain, stimulate and develop curiosity in peoples big and small.

This wonderful event has had me coming back for more year after year. This will be my 10th year of taking roughly 100 primary students from my school to the festival. Each year we are amazed with the diversity and quality in the activity stations, workshops, exhibitions and performances.  The AWESOME Arts team also provides pre and post activities that align with the state curriculum to ensure you will be able to embed the excursion directly into your arts program and assess on their understandings. Over the past several years the festival has provided opportunities for your students to have their artworks on display around the area and the giant screen. The students are so excited to see their artworks on display in the middle of the CBD and love sharing their art with others. Their art being displayed also provides extra opportunities for the students to be able to share experiences with family and friends throughout the festival.


To support the teachers who are thinking of attending this event, team AWESOME provide a teacher’s workshop. These usually happen during May or early June. In the workshops you will get to get more insight to the various performances and exhibitions that will be on offer for viewing during the festival. This can assist you to find the perfect match for your students and your arts program. To get information about these workshops sign yourself up on

I’m looking forward engaging with the AWESOME team in the coming months and sharing all the magical activities with my students.