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Tracy Verdugo is a talented Australian artist from Jarvis Bay New South Wales whose artworks celebrate and express her curiosity and love for life. She wears rose tinted glasses and her works display the beauty that she feels daily. Light, airy, experimental and filled with wonder her works fill me with a sense of comfort and joy.

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“What I really, really want is to paint the world in rainbows of possibility.”
— Tracy Verdugo

My first encounter with Tracy’s work was about three years ago when I was trawling through the internet for some fun online arts course to provide me with a bit of inspiration, and also as a tool to try and take back some creative time. Despite working as an Arts teacher and being messy and creative every day, I actually do very little for myself. All my creative energy is funneled into my students and other people’s creative problems – which I help to solve. Being creative but not doing something special to keep alight one’s own personal flame can be draining. I aimed to find pleasure in my own personal art making, but I became stuck with deciding on what to do. On viewing Tracy’s work, I must say I had a sigh of relief; her work felt fun, calm, experimental and upon reading about her, down to earth and genuine. It appeared to be something that I could explore in my own time for my own personal growth and assist me to find my own vibe again. Coincidentally, the online course I purchased was Paint Mojo; it sounded like it was exactly what I needed.

Since purchasing the course, I have purchased another, Face Fascination. The hand-outs, exercises, processes and videos are easy, engaging and most of all enjoyable. In home-made videos you really feel as though you get to know Tracy and catch a glimpse of her perspective on life. I must admit I have at times just watched the videos without doing the practical work.  I feel as though I’m doing the work, I swear! But I suppose it’s like just watching a fitness app or video and not getting the benefits from the actual exercise.

Tracy also runs workshops all around the world. If you follow her on Instagram, you can see all the places she visits and the work her classes produce. Currently, I’m super excited about finally having the stars align for me to participate in her Sacred Marks workshop in Bali this October. I will be spending one week being inspired by the Balinese people, landscape and culture to focus on my own sketching, daydreaming and mark and art making.  To me this sounds like bliss. Bring on October!

If you want to spark your creativity, you may like to try one of these courses or workshops. Or, just like to have a look at her website

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