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Photographer - Lisa Hakkinen

Photographer - Lisa Hakkinen

The Arts is a field where learning is an endless journey. There are so many techniques, materials and technologies being developed which can be exciting and on the shadow side daunting at the same time. As a visual arts educator I am always seeking opportunities to develop my skills, learn new skills and explore new ways of transferring skills to my students. One avenue you may not have thought about for developing these skills is through the different Art stockists where you buy your materials. Over the years these stockists have been increasing the amount of free lesson plans, blogs, Instagram posts and demonstration videos of all the products they have available. In addition to all the digital media many also provide hands-on workshops with professional artists to spark your inspiration.


Oxlades an Australia arts distributor that started in Brisbane and expanded to Perth frequently run free demonstrations of new and existing products. Conveniently, they do consider the how time poor teachers are and provide some of these demonstrations in the evening. The demonstration I attended was about the product ‘Scratchbord’. This product is a clay and Indian ink covered board which you scratch into with various tools that can produce photo-realistic artworks. I have never used these products before and feel very fortunate to now have these products and how to effectively use them in my memory bank for future projects.


Top tips

  • Sign up for newsletters from different art suppliers.

  • Ask them about product demonstrations and learning opportunities. If they don’t have them ask them to consider setting up some.


Do you know of any suppliers who provide this service for you? Would you like to share your experience? Email to have your story posted.

- Lisa Hakkinen