Artist in Residence at St Stephen’s School, Duncraig.

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In 2018, Tammy Hall in the Visual Art Department at St Stephen’s School in Duncraig hosted an Artist in Residence program in association with Curtin University. The aim of this program was to create an extended outdoor classroom area on the school premises.

Stephen Peacock, a mural artist studying at Curtin University, collaborated with Year 10 students to design a mural on a large exterior wall of the Arts building. This mural was then painted by a group of year 4, 5 and 10 students, under the guidance of Stephen. The mural was inspired by the native flora and fauna in Western Australia, as a nod to the significance that the local landscape has on the students. The completed design incorporated: native plants including the eucalyptus, bottlebrush, grass trees and the Western Australian flower emblem, the Kangaroo’s Paw; native birds, such as galahs and kookaburras; and a range of marsupials including, possums, the western quoll and the iconic quokka. These motifs were blended to create a mural that showcased diverse Western Australian environments, varying from sandy desert plains to the rich woodland forests in the South-West. The artwork was not only decorative, but practical, with the design including two whiteboards to encourage interactive teaching and learning activities to take place in this outdoor environment. 

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This Artist in Residence project was a true example of how art can be used to create and foster unique and interesting learning environments. This in turn pushes the boundaries to inspire new ways of teaching and learning. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative project and were grateful for the opportunity to learn and work alongside a talented artist such as Stephen.  He not only evoked a sense of curiosity within the students but provided time to wonder about our environment and encourage discussions about our changing landscape.


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