Hello, My name is Lisa Hakkinen. I have been teaching various subjects, however, mostly Visual Art for the last fifteen years in Western Australia to a vast array of students. I have always been passionate about the Arts and knew it was going to be a huge part of my life since I had my very first visual art lesson in Year 7. I have studied Fine Art, Film and Television, Advertising and Marketing and finally Arts Education and most recently Arts Integration. I absolutely love sharing my creativity with my students, colleagues, friends and family.  

I have developed this site to share the stories of many courageous creative arts teachers. I aim to collect accounts of all the extraordinary teaching and learning experiences you have that inspire, assist and support each other.

Now, when I mean arts, I am not just saying visual arts but Iā€™m including drama, dance, music media and anyone else I have missed out on. The more I get to speak to different arts lovers and practitioners, the more I get to learn about different teaching methods, opportunities and means of accomplishing tasks with various student groups. Each individual creative teacher I have met is a treasure trove, rich with experience and displaying their artistic nature when problem solving. I hope to capture these diamonds of information and build a wealth of knowledge for us all to share.

I not only wish to share stories about our collective experiences but would also like to provide opportunities for us to meet to discuss different topics of interest. This website was inspired by a meet-up between myself and two other Arts teachers. The three of us teach different art forms to a wide audience of students, varying in ability, age, cultural backgrounds and demographics. I initially called this meet-up to discuss different ways for community involvement within their teaching programs which has now led to this website creation, as the knowledge each of us had to share, I believe, was so personal, rich, relevant and insightful that it needed to be shared with others.

I hope to meet you, learn from you and collect your stories and share them with others.